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15 Jun

I’m married!

*pause for effect*

I feel incredible, amazing, blissfully wrapped in the arms of love.

A day to remember 138

Christopher and I had a wonderful day. We certainly will never, ever forget it or the feeling we both had as we professed our vows to each another, as we danced the night away, or as we looked out over our family and friends throughout the day and saw smiles of pure, ridiculous, unabated joy. We already are enjoying married life; we wake up with a new sense of purpose and go to bed with a new sense of contentedness. We really could not be happier than we have been these last several days.

I want to thank you all so much for your sweet texts, tweets and other messages the days leading up to, during and after the wedding. I appreciated your loving, caring thoughts, and Christopher and I felt truly loved and supported by our family and friends.

We probably won’t have our professional pictures back from our photographer for a few weeks yet (I’m DYING to see them!), but we have some great shots taken by our family and friends throughout the day. Here’s a smattering of our favorites:

A day to remember 020

A day to remember 032

A day to remember 044

A day to remember 067 

A day to remember 084

A day to remember 080




A day to remember 187

We had a fabulous day!

Got any advice for us, now that we’re newlyweds?