Free learning resources for school-age children

24 Sep
Fall is official here! And while that brings with it the fun of playing in the leaves, dressing up for trick-or-treating on Halloween, and visiting the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, it also brings the hard work of learning to read, write, and count.
Anna and Elise are kindergartners this year, and they are thriving in their all-day classroom settings. Both girls (they are in different classes with different teachers) already have a dozen or so sight words memorized, can write their names properly, and can describe their environs using “above,” “below,” and “beside,” among other descriptors.
The girls’ teachers do not believe in issuing homework to kindergartners, as the daylong work of learning is taxing enough for their little bodies and brains. But they do ask us, as parents and families, to read at least 10 minutes a day and, if we’re able, to practice their “popcorn” words (words that pop up frequently in text and in conversation) and their amassing math skills.
One way parents can help their children reinforce their newly acquired skills is with free worksheets and activities from
Anna and Elise tackled this cute Halloween matching worksheet this afternoon. They sounded out the words, and while there were a few tricky ones (deciphering between “candy” and “candle” and “castle”), they successfully found each matching picture.
Check out this fall! Their worksheets, puzzles, mazes, color-by-number pages, and more (all of which are broken down by grade and topic) are a great supplement to what your children are learning in school!

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