Free learning resources for parents

10 May
Summer is both a fun and challenging time for us: The girls are out of school, which means more time for outdoor activities, special projects, and day trips; but the girls are out of school, which means less structured activity, fewer school projects, and quicker boredom.
We enrolled the girls in summer camp at the YMCA three mornings a week, so I can maintain my hours at work on those busy days; they’ll go to Kids Zone at the YMCA the other two mornings (or evenings), on my less busy days.
They’ll still get some structure with camp, but our other mornings, and all of our afternoons, are sure to need some.
My grand plan this summer is to institute a weekly schedule that incorporates arts and crafts, science, cooking, playing, and learning, possibly following the camp theme each week.
I hope to impart not only academic-type lessons, but also personal and social skills (e.g. age-appropriate chores, manners, etc.) through hands-on and play-based activities — just as the girls have gotten in preschool.
But I undoubtedly will run out of steam and inspiration, so I am really excited that there is a veritable treasure trove of resources at
Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.13.42 PM
This cute maze, for example, is something the girls will love!
I’m also a fan of this sight words bingo worksheet and this home scavenger hunt idea.
Check out this summer! Their worksheets, puzzles, mazes, color-by-number pages, and more (all of which are broken down by grade and topic) are a great supplement to your summer activities!

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