Review: truBrain energy drinks

21 Apr

Disclosure: I was sent a box of truBrain energy drinks to review. I am not otherwise being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

I’m an ambitious person. I set goals, I write out to-do lists, and I crush them.

How do I do it?

While some people might swear by a certain number of hours of sleep per night, or those two cups of coffee in the morning, or a sweaty workout over the lunch hour, others turn to energy drinks. I tend to fall into the former camp — the au natural ways of staying alert and focused. But I can’t deny the allure of the latter camp.

Ambitious people want to “be somebody”–they want to do more, do things smarter and better, and exceed goals.  We believe the only weapon for ambitious people to get more important things in their day now is being efficient.  Just putting in more hours is not a unique advantage anymore.

The neuroscientists at truBrain want to help people be present and productive, and their line of energy drinks combine active nootropics to improve focus and alertness with nutrients to help reduce stress, retrieve memories and improve certain cognitive functions.

You can drink the liquid straight, sort of like an energy shot, or you can combine it in a smoothie, juice, or other beverage.


I tried one straight, but after that, I combined it with hot herbal tea or with hot lemon water. I didn’t care for the taste, which I found artificial, bitter, and almost chemical.

The drinks contain active nootropics Oxiracetam + Piracetam for focus and concentration; Caffeine + L-Theanine for alertness and synergy; and Uridine + Centrophenoxine for cognition and memory. The drinks also contain Magnesium + Tyrosine for stress reduction and vigilance and Carnitine + Citicoline for energy and mood. The drinks are flavored with some familiar ingredients: monk fruit, mangosteen, cactus, natural cane sugar, and blue agave.

The shots tasted awful plain, but somewhat better when combined with tea or lemon water.


The question is did my “performance” improve? I didn’t notice much difference.

The scientists at truBrain recommend regularly use (about a week) to achieve desired results.

I used the drinks for about 10 days. I still didn’t notice an improvement in my energy or productivity.

A box of 30 drinks is $65 a month or $70 for a one-time order. Boxes of 20 or 60 also are available.


But, if you’re curious about truBrain energy drinks or any of the other truBrain products and want to try them, use the code TB751PLU1 for 15% off your order.


2 Responses to “Review: truBrain energy drinks”

  1. mindy @ just a one girl revolution. April 21, 2016 at 11:55 am #

    They reached out to me and your review makes me okay with the fact that I passed.

  2. Dude Hacker September 21, 2016 at 10:48 am #

    Thanks for the honest review!

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