Review: brüd Performance Coffee by truBrain

8 Mar

Disclosure: I was sent a box of brüd Performance Coffee to review. I am not otherwise being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Some people complain that coffee–even one or two cups–makes them jittery and overly wired. I am not one of those people. I can have at least two cups of coffee and not feel shaky–a little digestively challenged (ifyouknowwhatimean), yes, but jittery, no.

The neuroscientists (yep, not foodies, not coffeephiles–nerds!) at truBrain set out to create a coffee without the crash, without the bitterness, but with potency.


Enter: brüd Performance Coffee.

brüd Performance Coffee is comprised of two elements–the beans and truBrain’s specially formulated focus sticks.

From the truBrain website:

brüd beans undergo a special cold marinade preroast process with trained plant stems, which removes all bitterness, leaving behind nothing but goodness. All brüd beans are roasted within 48 hours of being shipped to customers.

The focus sticks harness the altertness of caffeine with nutrients (L-Theanine and Alpha GPC) proven for improved steady focus.

We used our brüd coffee just as we would any other coffee–ground fresh in the morning and drip brewed in our Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-cup coffeemaker.

Both Christopher and I agreed the coffee tasted good–not bitter, but not bland, similar to a light or maybe even medium roast national-brand coffee.

Christopher likes his coffee doctored up with flavored creamer, while I prefer mine, usually, black, but sometimes with half and half (or, if we have some leftover, and I’m feeling particularly sinful, heavy cream!). For purposes of this experiment, he used creamer and I did not, and I alternated using and not using the focus sticks.

I thought the focus sticks, on their own, tasted sweet, but not syrupy, saccharine sweet, just very delicate, but added to the coffee, sometimes tasted a bit medicinal. Was it because of the ingredients in the sticks themselves or because of some “reaction” between the coffee and the sticks or simply because I don’t care for coffee sweetened simply with a sugar or similar sweetener?

Of course, the big question is did our “performance” improve? That’s a tough one to answer. In all honesty, I didn’t noticed a marked or measurable difference from drinking our regular coffee. Coffee is so much a part of our morning routine that the true and better test might have been to compare a few days without coffee to a few days with brüd + focus sticks.

(The folks at truBrain also note that because the nootropics, the smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, are in the focus sticks, one would have to regularly use the sticks for about a week before noticing any results. I probably should have been more diligent about using them, but I just do not often add much to my coffee, so that was a change from my routine.)

So, while the jury agrees the taste is good, the jury is still out on its purported “performance-enhancing” effects.


And in case anyone is curious, the price point alone is a tick in the negative column. A 12-ounce bag of whole beans and 20 focus sticks is $35 a month. In our house, 12 ounces of beans would never last a month; we go through about two bags of beans a month–and we only spend $3.99 (Aldi’s Barissimo morning roast) a bag, sometimes $5 or $8 (Eight o’ Clock brand or Starbucks brand, only with a coupon).

Say the coffee is comparable to Starbucks coffee. Starbucks retails for about $8 a bag. So if you take the coffee out of the price, the focus sticks alone cost $27 (or $1.35 per stick).

For questionable effects on alertness, focus, and productivity, I’d rather rely on my regular coffee and exercise for my energy boost.

But, if you’re curious about brüd Performance Coffee or any of the other truBrain products and want to try them, use the code TB751PLU1 for 15% off your order.


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