Getting back on track

15 Jan

I know, I know. I’m two weeks late for the New Year’s resolution train. And I’m full of excuses reasons as to why that train came and left the station without me aboard.


Until today. Well, until Sunday, when all of this “getting back on track” truly starts for this girl.

Here’s my plan to kick curb my sweet tooth, eat more protein and vegetables, and hopefully, feel my best from the inside out:

  • Exercise:
    • Run three times a week, in “training” for the Yeti Trail Series, which has two remaining runs — a 15K on Feb. 6 and a 20K (almost a half marathon) on March 5.
    • Strength train via BodyPump two times a week.
    • Practice yoga once a week.
  • Nutrition:
    • Drink a concoction of apple cider vinegar and lemon water every morning.
    • Eat a vegetable at breakfast every day.
    • Have higher-protein snacks, not sugary granola bars, in between meals; try to have a fruit or vegetable with at least one snack every day.
    • Stick to higher-protein, lower-carb lunches and dinners.
    • Have dessert only once a week — and truly look forward to it and enjoy it!
      • Say no to treats leftover from events at work. Say no to packaged/processed goodies.
      • Say yes only if the treat is homemade and try to save it for my once-a-week dessert.
  • Accountability:
    • Sign up for the Pact app.
      • Commit to working out five days a week with a $5 charge per missed workout.
      • Commit to logging my food via MyFitnessPal seven days a week with a $5 charge per missed day.
      • Commit to eating 20 fruits or vegetables a week with a $5 charge per missed serving.
    • Create and share weekly meal plans on the blog; share weekly recaps on the blog.

I don’t really have a goal to lose weight, although I’d like to shed those few holiday pounds that crept back on. I really just want to feel better — feel healthy, feel strong, feel capable, feel proud of my choices, feel like a role model to my family and friends (especially my girls, who even though they are only 2 years old, do notice and follow in my footsteps), feel downright good.

If you’re interested in joining me, leave a comment here on the blog, or find me on Instagram (@kaylabee0418). I’d love the support, and I’d love to support you.


2 Responses to “Getting back on track”

  1. Lisa @ Lisa Living Well January 15, 2016 at 12:44 pm #

    Great goals! You have to check out this site and the app. I was going to blog about it soon!

  2. mindy @ just a one girl revolution. January 15, 2016 at 2:23 pm #

    This are awesome goals, my friend!

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