Bayshore Marathon training – Week 16

12 May

Oh, the taper… It feels so good to run just 10 miles, but it feels so wrong at the same time — like, I ran 20 miles in Week 15, and I’m expected to bust out 6 more in Week 18? Like, shouldn’t I have to run more than a 10-miler and an 8-miler in between that time?

  • Monday: Yoga — 40 min.

After my 20-miler Saturday, I did the yoga for runners video, hoping to continue to stretch out my weary running muscles and build strength for the very long run ahead in just a couple of weeks.

  • Tuesday: 5-mile run — 48:07/9:37 pace. Treadmill. Completed while the girls took their afternoon nap, about 12:30 p.m.

It was cooler and windier than it has been lately, so I opted for the treadmill and did an increasing-speed interval run. I accidentally left my phone at home, though, so I ran without music. Ouch.

Bonus: Mowing the lawn — 40 min.

  • Wednesday: Zumba walk — 3.1 miles, 48:12/15:33 pace. Completed late afternoon, about 4:30 p.m., with the girls in the stroller.

I had every intention of going to Zumba, but Anna and Elise did not want to leave my arms (Anna) or my side (Elise) at gym childcare; I was so frustrated with trying to get them to play and fending off little girls who promised to “take care of (my) babies for (me)” that I left. We went for a brisk walk instead.

  • Thursday: 8-mile run – 7.86 miles, 1:22:43/10:32 pace. Completed while the girls took their afternoon nap, about 12:30 p.m.

It was hot (83 degrees) and windy (25 mph gusts), but I set out for 8 miles and tried to take it easy.

  • Friday: rest

Rest day, best day!

  • Saturday: 10-mile run – 9.89 miles, 1:39:57, 10:07 pace. Completed in the morning, starting at 9 a.m.

We had big plans for the day: a 10-mile run, followed by a trip to the Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago. So we got after it.

Christopher, the girls, and Dexter joined me for the first 6.5-ish miles on the local trails. Dexter was pretty worn out by Mile 4, so my crew went home. I did the last 3.5-ish miles around our neighborhood. I accidentally stopped my RunKeeper app early, otherwise I would have hit 10 miles.

I didn’t bring any Honey Stingers or Gatorade, even though I probably should have had at least some Gatorade. I was thirsty and felt a bit sluggish.

My splits are nice and steady, though:

Miles 1-3: 9:18, 9:55, 9:37

Mile 4: 11:41 (walk break + Christopher stopped with the stroller)

Miles 5-7: 10:16, 10:20, 10:01

Miles 8-10: 9:33 (woot!), 10:20, 10:02

  • Sunday: rest

On the docket for this week:

  • Yesterday – yoga mowing the lawn, walking
  • Tuesday – 4-mile run
  • Wednesday – Zumba
  • Thursday – 6-mile run
  • Friday – Body Pump
  • Saturday – 8-mile run
  • Sunday – rest

2 Responses to “Bayshore Marathon training – Week 16”

  1. Andi May 13, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

    Yay! Cannot wait to see you guys next week!!!

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