Let’s talk about food

18 Mar

It’s been a while since a recipe has graced these pages…

Pinky swear we’re still cooking (and eating) here. We plan our meals weekly from cookbooks and Pinterest. We haven’t done too much original stuff in some time.

But, we have been developing some new food content!

Christopher and I together are working on a new feature for the local newspaper: Foodtorials, in which we give you the knowledge and techniques to tackle some cooking basics. Christopher does all the production, and I do all the on-screen work–and write the accompanying copy.

Our first one was on homemade, from-the-bones chicken stock. Watch the video and read the article here.

Stock on the stoveOur second one was from-scratch pie crust. Watch the video and read the article here.

Pie out of the oven

Christopher also has launched a feature on easy, wholesome recipes for toddlers.

His first one was about pizza monsters–whole-wheat bread slices topped with tomato sauce and cheese and decorated to look like monster faces with black olives. Read the story here.

Elise pizzaHis second one was on PB&J sushi–flattened slices of whole-wheat bread spread with peanut butter and jelly, then rolled and cut to resemble sushi. Read the story here.

Elise feeding Anna sushi

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately! Happy cooking (and eating)!


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