Bayshore Marathon training – Week 5

22 Feb

This was a really good week. I finally felt back to normal after a couple of weeks of what seemed like a carousel of illness in the Heimerman household – flu, cold, repeat. So, I tried to challenge myself more.

  • Monday: yoga Zumba – 45 min. Class at the Y.

After two consecutive rest days, I was ready for a good, sweaty workout, so I headed to the gym for Zumba.

This was another really good class – fast-paced and high-energy. It was a really good way to kick off the week.


  • Tuesday: 3-mile run – 28:39/9:33 pace. Treadmill. Completed while the girls took their afternoon nap, about 12:15 p.m.

Another  run, another round of intervals. I challenged myself to warm up slightly faster, then kick the intervals up a notch, staying faster than 6 mph and going as fast as 7 mph.

It paid off. Talk about a speedy treadmill run!

  • Wednesday: Zumba – 35 min. Class at the Y.

The usual instructor was out, and the substitute wasn’t going to make it for the 4:15 p.m. start of class, so another fitness instructor led us through 10 minutes of core work.

I was thankful for the extra focus on my abs, since I tend to neglect them, despite their importance to good running form.

I enjoyed class, too, although I felt very out of sync and uncoordinated.


  • Thursday: 5-mile run – 50:05/10:01 pace. Treadmill. Completed before work, about 5:30 a.m.

Ugh, I really was not feeling this run as I got up, got dressed, and got out the door. I felt sluggish and tired (despite going to bed on time), and I just felt out of it. But, I took the same approach as my Tuesday run – warmed up for a mile, did some intervals for a few miles then “cooled down” for a mile.

I struggled with my breathing and side stitches in miles 3 and 4, but I just took two brief pauses to collect myself and pushed forward to the end.

  • Friday: Body Pump – 45 min. Class at the Y.

This was my first time back at Body Pump since Jan. 30, and this was my first time doing the new release. Oh my, the squat and lunge tracks. Burns so good.

I honestly worried that doing the new release, especially after 3 weeks away, would make me incredibly sore and uncomfortable ahead of a 10-miler the next day. But I knew it likely would be fine. So I just tried to have fun.


  • Saturday: 10-mile run – 1:45:17/10:30 pace. Outdoors and treadmill. Completed while the girls took their afternoon nap, about 12:45 p.m.

After the relative success of my 9-miler last week, I took same approach to my 10-miler this week, but because the weather was a bit better – 30 degrees, breezy, and overcast with a “feels like” temperature of about 25 degrees – I opted to do more of the run outside than on the ol’ ‘mill. I ran 4 miles to the gym, ran 3.6 miles on the treadmill, then ran 2.4 miles home.

I layered up a bit more than last week, so I could shed some clothes for the indoor portion of my run. I wore tights (with compression calf sleeves and compression shorts underneath), a short-sleeved technical shirt, a long-sleeved, fleece-lined turtleneck technical shirt, and a high-necked fleece.

The run to the gym was altogether awesome. I was much more comfortable thanks to my turtleneck (which I fought to get the security tag off of for approximately 15 minutes too long before I dashed out the door), and I pulled off a 9:46 pace, with just one break to wait for a traffic light to change from red to green.

The run on the treadmill was pretty good, too (10:51 pace). I warmed up at a comfortable pace for eight-tenths of a mile, then did 2 miles of intervals, and then cooled down for the last eight-tenths of a mile. I took one walking break (two-tenths of a mile) halfway through the run to eat some of my Honey Stingers.

The run back home was, just as last week, the most difficult (11:10 pace). It ended in the best way, though: As I came up our street, I saw Dexter in front of the neighbors’ house, and then, as I got closer to our house, I saw Christopher and the peanuts (dressed in their puffy winter coats!), who came outside to cheer me home.

I am really proud of this run. I truly believe breaking these longer runs into three shorter, totally do-able runs makes them seem easier and certainly go by faster.

My only issue so far has been mid-run and post-run fueling and related discomfort – especially the horrible stomach cramps that have come in the hours following this run and my 9-miler last week. I need to get my fuel-to-water ration down for mid-run, then need to figure out the best fuel for post-run.

  • Today: rest

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

  • Tomorrow – yoga
  • Tuesday – 3-mile run
  • Wednesday – Zumba
  • Thursday – 5-mile run
  • Friday – Body Pump
  • Saturday – 7-mile run
  • Sunday – rest

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