Bayshore Marathon training – Week 1

26 Jan

The first official week of marathon training is in the books. Here’s the rundown:

  • Monday: Yoga – 60 min. This video. And this one. Completed after the girls were asleep.

I had planned to do Level 1 of Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, but I stumbled upon these videos on YouTube and thought they were worth a try. I enjoyed the flow, but I still prefer Jillian Michaels; her routine is a yoga that burns so good.

  • Tuesday: 3-mile run – 3. 13 miles, 30:32/9:44 pace. Outdoors; temperatures just lower than freezing. Completed after the girls were down for their midday nap, before lunch.

I had planned to get up early and hit the gym before work, but the girls had been battling a bug of some kind since Saturday (all the puke and diarrhea times two!), so Anna was up in the middle of the night – about 3:15 to 4:15 a.m. – with a dirty diaper, and then Elise woke up covered in puke and poop.

I had two choices: Run over naptime or run at the gym after naptime. Christopher takes the girls to childcare at the YMCA almost every weekday, so I try to avoid taking them a second time, except for on Wednesdays for Zumba. So, I ran over naptime, and I thought it seemed mild enough that I could run outdoors and save some time.

I quickly discovered that although it was relatively mild, it was still pretty damn cold (“feels like” temperature of 29), and the sidewalks were icy in some spots.

I ran our 5K route and took a short walk break about halfway through.

  • Wednesday: Zumba – 45 min. Class at the Y.

I was really amped up for this class; I hadn’t taken Zumba in a couple of years, and I had missed it.

The class was small, maybe half a dozen women, all far older than me, and the instructor was in her 60s. The dances just were not as intense as expected. I still worked up a pretty good sweat, though.

  • Thursday: 3-mile run – 3.0 miles, 32:07/10:42 pace. Treadmill. Completed before work, about 6 a.m.

I managed to get up early and hit the gym before work, but I struggled through this run. I started out relatively slow, 5 mph, then worked up to 5.5, then 6, then a wee bit more. I struggled with my breathing and just feeling comfortable, but I never stopped to walk or catch my breath; I powered through.

  • Friday: BodyPump – 45 min. Class at the Y.

I am so in love with this class, it’s ridiculous.

The class was really, really small, just three of us, and the instructor is about my age, if not a few years younger. The music is awesome, the moves are basic, but the reps – oh the reps! – they burn, burn, burn. I’ve gone three times now, though, and I’m already used to it.

  • Saturday: 6-mile run – 6.0 miles, 1:01:37/10:16 pace. Outdoors; chilly. Ran with Christopher, who brought Dexter. Completed mid-morning, about 9 a.m.

I had planned to do my long run alone, but my mom was in town for a visit, so while she watched the girls, Christopher joined me. I really appreciated the company.

We started out relatively fast, about 9:15-ish pace. It was chilly, although it got warmer as the morning went on. I, naturally, struggled a bit with my breathing. I bargained with myself to make it to the high school, then to the hospital, then to our first turn, etc. I would make it to one of those designated locations, and I would take a walk break. I reasoned that our pit-stops at traffic lights were rest enough, and I kept on.

My thoughts focused on the marathon. I kept reasoning that a full marathon was only about four times the distance/duration of this run. I kept telling myself that didn’t sound so bad. I kept telling myself that I should be able to run 6 miles, take a break, run 6 miles, take a break, and that I should finish with a personal record.

That reasoning, that positive visualization will be key as the weeks drag on and the miles pile on.

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

  • Today – yoga
  • Tuesday – 3-mile run
  • Wednesday – Zumba
  • Thursday – 3-mile run
  • Friday – Body Pump
  • Saturday – 7-mile run
  • Sunday – rest

2 Responses to “Bayshore Marathon training – Week 1”

  1. mindy @ just a one girl revolution. January 27, 2015 at 7:31 am #

    I’m just so flipping excited we’re all doing this together. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some similar comment every single week. Way to kick ass this week, friend!

    • kaylabee18 February 2, 2015 at 10:02 am #

      Ditto girl. That thought alone helps motivate me. “Cannot let the girls down.”

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