Old Factory candles review

3 Nov

Disclosure: I was sent some Old Factory candles to review. I am not otherwise being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


There’s something about the shift from summer to fall that brings out another side of me. I crave long walks in the crisp air with the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.  I want to bake with apple and pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla. I work to make my house a warm, cozy home, and drape blankets over the back of the couch, pull out the seasonal decorations and light lovely scented candles.

20141103_211742I’m not a candle freak, but I enjoy burning seasonal-scented candles come fall and winter. The folks at Old Factory candles offered to send me a gift box of their hand-poured natural soy wax candles, and I accepted upon browsing the long list of scents, several of which are a tribute to the season.

  • Fall Harvest includes pumpkin spice, cranberry and autumn leaves.
  • Happy Holidays includes Christmas tree, candy cane and gingerbread.
  • Winter Wonderland includes hot cocoa, roasted chestnut and first snow.

I chose the last one for its more timeless trio of scents. I’m not over the fall scents, but I didn’t want the house to smell like pumpkin from a candle, when it could smell like pumpkin from a pie in the oven! I liked the more generic winter scents; hot cocoa smells rich and chocolaty, while roasted chestnut smells musky and floral, and first snow smells clean and bright.

20141103_211713I burned the roasted chestnut candle first, and I loved it. The little 2-ounce candle burned cleanly, evenly and relatively slowly for several hours.

I’m burning first snow now, and I love it, too. The scent is light but strong enough to fill the air within just a few minutes of lighting.

20141103_212451The candles come in sets of three for $25 and are available in a variety of scent packages. The candles come in plain jars with plain lids and a simple label; the wax is white, rather than colored. Some might argue the simplicity allows the jar candle to match just about any decor in any room of the house, while others might say a colored candle would look nicer. Either way, the scents are lovely and the candles burn nicely; the trios would make a great gift.


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