Our Insta-month: July

5 Aug

Today marks 5 days until Anna and Elise turn 1. It’s hard to believe. The time really did fly by. But before we celebrate the end of the baby stage, and welcome the toddler stage; before we mark the survival of one year of parenthood; before we marvel at how much our little family has changed in the last year…we have to recap July!

IMG_20140704_124444Celebrating the Fourth of July at Petunia Festival in Dixon.

IMG_20140705_090226  Hanging out with Mama and Daddy after the Reagan Run 5K!

IMG_20140706_155345 IMG_20140706_155427

Elise, left, and Anna, right, checking out the writing reference books.

IMG_20140711_180712 Anna munching on a coaster at The Rusty Fox.


Elise getting up close and personal with “Finding Nemo.”

IMG_20140726_171546 Anna hanging out with Grandpa at the Main Street Music Festival.

IMG_20140729_182639 Elise, left, and Anna, right, letting it all hang out before bath time and bedtime.

IMG_20140729_183414 Anna taking in the world from a different angle.


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