Our Insta-month: March

4 Apr

March has been a busy month of growing independence for the girls – sitting up on their own, playing on their own, attempting to crawl on their own – and charming the pants off Mama and Daddy.

Here we go!


IMG_20140313_174356Elise checking herself out in the mirror

IMG_20140315_114750Anna, left, Elise, right, lounging in Mama’s lap

IMG_20140315_192651 Elise, in her elephant towel, crawling around before bedtime

IMG_20140319_135439Anna flashing her silly smile

IMG_20140319_174940Elise trying to catch the bubble before it bursts

IMG_20140321_160518Anna hanging out with Mama at the coffeeshop

IMG_20140322_074440Elise chilling in the toy box

IMG_20140322_190404Elise showing off her independent sitting skills

IMG_20140324_180058Anna, left, Elise, right, playing together (!)

IMG_20140326_183245Anna showing of her sitting skills (and using the block as an armrest)

IMG_20140327_113703Elise trying out the rocking chair at the library

IMG_20140328_185020Anna doing acrobatics with her block

IMG_20140331_073823 Elise, left, Anna, right, playing with shapes together


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