Our Insta-month: November

8 Dec

Remember how I promised to do these updates closer to the end of the month? Well, I’ve been without my laptop, and thus without my blogging software, for a couple of weeks. But, I’m back up and running, so here we go!

IMG_20131101_183639Anna soaring through the air!

IMG_20131102_112206 Elise napping after a long overnight (12-week growth spurt) and a chilly morning walk.

IMG_20131105_143505 Playing with toys!

IMG_20131106_184322Watching celebrity songs from “Sesame Street” on YouTube.

IMG_20131107_105320 Elise looking squeaky clean and cute!

IMG_20131107_183042 IMG_20131107_183219
Melting mama’s heart.

IMG_20131111_180648  Napping in mama’s lap after nursing.

IMG_20131113_185832 IMG_20131113_185927
Anna, on the left, chewing on her fingers, Elise, on the right, gumming on her toy.

IMG_20131115_134406 IMG_20131117_091527
Anna, on the left, looking mischievous, Elise, on the right, basking in the sun.

IMG_20131117_114640 Showing off their tutus!

IMG_20131124_130740Watching football with daddy.

IMG_20131126_180619  Anna sitting up like a big girl!


2 Responses to “Our Insta-month: November”

  1. thebabydoctorswife December 10, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    It looks like they are having fun! How do they keep getting cuter!?

    • kaylabee18 January 7, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

      I don’t know, hon. I wonder the same thing!

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