Our Insta-month: October

15 Nov

Blogger extraordinaire Emily from Daily Garnish (also from Babble) started sharing her Insta-months – basically all the Instagram pics that captured life that month.

I’ve taken a liking to Instagram and thought a once-a-month sharing might be a nice way to keep you all updated in between the monthly posts. Now, I now I just posted the girls’ 3-month update, so bear with me. In the future, I’ll try to do a run-down at the end of the month.


Napping with mama.


Soaking up the sunshine.


Anna the fashionista, mixing polka dots, hound’s-tooth and leopard print.


Elise the heart-melter, napping alongside daddy.


Acting silly!


Showing off their T-shirts, which resemble mini chef’s jackets.


Snuggling with mama.


Reading the paper with daddy.











Elise on the left, Anna on the right, giving their glamour shots.












Elise on the left, Anna on the right, playing with big brother Dexter!

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