22 weeks

28 Apr

Written Friday, April 26, 2013 (and it’s another long one…)

22 - Spag squash fetuses

How Big are the Babies?

My sources say the babies are as big as papayas and long as spaghetti squash this week, measuring almost 11  inches, head to heel, and weighing almost a pound. (The squash in the pictures are not nearly proportional; they were about 1.5 pounds and about 7-8 inches long.)

How I’m Changing

I’m definitely feeling baby movement now. It’s really hard to explain, but it feels like little waves or bubbles in my abdomen – waves or bubbles that moves and pop!

I’m also definitely feeling pregnant – even though everyone says I either don’t look pregnant at all or look too small to be 22 weeks (and I am SO sick of hearing about how small I am…). I just can’t do the same things I could before without the belly getting in the way – tie my shoes, carry a laundry basket, eat a big meal. I’m even growing out of the few pieces of transitional maternity wear in my closet.

How I’m Feeling/What I’m Thinking

My my, what a difference a week makes!

Those two big things that were weighing on my mind last week? Gone!

First, our second ultrasound and anatomy scan (moved from Tuesday to Thursday) went SO well.

The scan, once again, showed no signs of abnormal anatomical development; in fact, the doctor at the Rockford hospital said they look “absolutely normal.” The scan did confirm, however, that the girls are small – only in the 11th and 13th percentile for growth. But the doctor said that is nothing to worry about because the difference between small and big at this stage is less than an ounce.  She even said in a month, they should be closer to the 30th percentile.

Second, our obstetrician is out of the picture and has been replaced with someone we are very eager to bring into the fold.

Christopher asked a doctor (orthopedic surgeon) friend of ours for some advice, and he recommended any of the practitioners at the hospital in Sterling. We both had a connection to one of the OBs there anyway: I did a story on him delivering his 6,000th baby over a year ago, and Christopher has done stories on his family.

Christopher called him at home, and the doc said he remembered me and was looking forward to working with us; in fact, the doc questioned the strong desire our OB had for us going to Rockford for the level 2 ultrasound just because we were having twins.

I then called our current OB’s office to cancel our upcoming appointment, and I didn’t even have to explain our reasons for switching except to say that we were moving soon and no longer wanted to drive to Freeport. I have my records being sent over, and I set an appointment with the new doc for the same day as my appointment would have been with the former OB.

Woo hoo! I can’t tell you how relieving that move was – and we haven’t even seen the new guy yet!

Let’s see, what else?

We registered for gifts Saturday and experienced the overwhelming feeling that is making our way through Babies R Us with a scanner gun, but also the relief that is having some of the basics in hand and knowing much of the rest will come via gifts in a couple months.

We signed up for a very basic prenatal/childbirth class. It’s free, and it’s next Saturday at the hospital in Sterling.

We also had some developments on the house front, but they are tough to encapsulate in a couple paragraphs. Suffice it to say we were encouraged to hear something and are working hard to make sure we get this house and get it in time to settle in before the girls’ birth.

I just have a very good feeling about things these days: First, we seamlessly switched OBs. Second, we heard about the house and took steps to move the process along. And third, we got the best news of all: We have healthy, completely normal daughters on the way. I have to believe that good juju will continue…

22 - Spag squash profile

  • Weight gained (to date): 20 lbs.

  • Workouts: Four – 30-min. prenatal workout video, 1+ hour raking/mowing lawn, a 1.5-mile outdoor walk and a 2.75-mile outdoor walk.

  • Food aversions: None.

  • Food cravings: Watermelon. I satisfied it for the first time Sunday, and I bought some more again today. Also, garlic bread. I really, really want a slab of Mama Mia’s garlic bread. (Milwaukee peeps might know what I’m talking about…) Oh, and a Krispy Kreme doughnut – just a plain glazed one.

  • Maternity items purchased: None, although I will need some more spring/summer clothes and other necessities very soon.

  • Days without daddy at home: Two.

  • Coworkers said goodbye to: One. Good luck, Kiran! We’ll miss you!

  • Nights stayed up late listening to the Brewers: Three.

  • Next prenatal appointment: Monday, May 6, 23 1/2 weeks.


2 Responses to “22 weeks”

  1. libbipeach April 28, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    I’m so glad things seem to be going smoother and especially glad you switched doctors. I know you won’t regret it !

    • kaylabee18 May 12, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

      Thanks, Libbi. We are so glad we switched. We already feel more at ease. 🙂

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