15 weeks

10 Mar

Written Friday, March 8, 2013

Apple fetuses

How Big are the Babies?

My sources say the babies are as big as apples this week, measuring about 4 inches and weighing 2 1/2 ounces.

How I’m Changing

I’m definitely showing now!

I think the energy and joy that is rumored to come with the second trimester also has arrived. I generally feel pretty good, save for a few growing pains here and there and a little trouble getting comfortable in bed. I feel motivated to work out, to compile our registry and to prepare for our babies.

What I’m Eating

Just like last week, my regular appetite seems to have returned.

I’m eating pretty regular stuff, just trying to eat balanced meals and snacks and enough food throughout the day.

What I’m Thinking

I’m excited to start “nesting” – shopping for baby stuff, painting a nursery, preparing the house for our new life as a four-some.

We toured several houses last weekend and found one we really like – so much we put an offer on it a few days later! We are really excited about it and are praying the process goes smoothly, so we can move in sometime yet this spring…

Apple profile

  • Weight gained (to date): 4 lbs.

  • Workouts: Four – one 2-mile treadmill run/walk + strength training; one 1-plus-hour snowman building adventure; one 45-min. snow-shoveling session; and 50 minutes prenatal pilates.

  • Food aversions: None, really.

  • Food cravings: Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits from McDonald’s; Cadbury Mini Eggs.

  • Baby items purchased: Still none.

  • Maternity items purchased: None.

  • Houses seen: Four.

  • Offers placed on houses: One!

  • Next prenatal appointment: Monday, 15 1/2 weeks.

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