11 weeks

10 Feb

Written Friday, Feb. 8, 2013

Lime fetuses

How Big are the Babies?

My sources say the babies are as big as figs or limes (!) this week, just over 1 1/2 inches long.

They are almost fully formed and are busy kicking and stretching, which we saw Tuesday but I cannot feel yet.

How I’m Changing

I still haven’t gained any weight, but I can tell my midsection is rounding and softening a bit. My dress pants are uncomfortably snug and restricting, and my work tops pull in all the wrong places. My work uniform is a pair of black pants – still with a zipper and closure but in a very generic “medium” – and a rotation of several colorful, loose tops.

I continued to experience pregnancy sickness this week. But on Thursday, I didn’t feel nauseous at all; in fact, I downed three bowls of Cheerios at breakfast, had soup and salad at lunch and was pretty much hungry all day. This week, I still was pretty tired, but as the week wore on, I survived on an average amount of sleep.

The biggest change this week was regular round ligament pain: Those little twinges and stretches have progressed to more obvious aches and pains.

What I’m Eating

Vegetables made a slight comeback this past week. And fruit continued to be a part of my diet every day. Comfort foods, especially pizza and pasta, still are the most desirable meals.

Acidic foods – like lasagna with tomato sauce or a pineapple-orange smoothie – trigger an upset stomach. Bland foods and protein-rich foods, such as cottage cheese, seem to keep the nausea at bay.

What I’m Thinking

It’s getting more and more real every day. We saw our doctor Tuesday and got to see two little babies, who have grown an incredible amount in two weeks, and hear two rapid heartbeats. We are starting to plan for life as a family of four; we’re in the very, very early stages of house hunting, and we’re mulling work vs. stay-at-home scenarios.

Lime profile

  • Weight gained: 0 lbs.

  • Workouts: Three – two elliptical workouts and one treadmill run/walk.

  • Sick days taken: None!

  • Food aversions: No hard and fast aversions, just mostly foods that don’t sound all that good.

  • Food cravings: Pasta. Cheerios and milk. Strawberries, watermelon and cantaloupe. Cottage cheese.

  • Baby items purchased: Still none.

  • Maternity items purchased: None.

  • Meltdowns: None.

  • Next prenatal appointment: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 12 ½ weeks.

2 Responses to “11 weeks”

  1. Karin (mom) Herd February 10, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    You are glowing! (or is that fatigue?)
    I shopped…..bought……didn’t plan on it but did it anyway. So much purchasing yet to do!

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