Garden talk: Harvesting things

3 Jul

The Heimerman garden now is seven-and-a-half weeks old, and Christopher and I certainly are reaping the benefits!


We’ve harvested quite a bit already—zucchini, salad greens and herbs—and soon will harvest the rest of our produce—green beans, peppers and broccoli and cauliflower.






Cayenne peppers


Green beans


Jalapeno peppers

We’ve harvested about a dozen zucchini and enjoyed them on the grill, in pasta salad and in pancakes. We’ve harvested several batches of salad greens and eaten more than 15 salads. We’ve cut lots of basil and chives and used them in eggs and other dishes.

We’re really looking forward to green beans and peppers. I actually wish we had planted some tomatoes for fresh salsa, but I’m hopeful we’ll get some tomatoes from the farmers market or co-workers with a bounty.

I think we’re both still in shock that we’re really growing vegetables. We often stand out in the yard and admire the garden. We’re nerds.

But we’re nerds with green thumbs!


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