Garden talk: Growing things

18 Jun

Christopher and I planted our first garden five weeks ago Sunday, and we saw incredible progress as we weeded it this weekend!

We went from this:


To this:






Herbs (Clockwise from top: chives, oregano [planted Sunday in place of the marjoram that never sprouted], parsley [also planted Sunday in place of the dill that never sprouted] and basil)



Cucumber (planted Sunday in place of the previous plant that died)



Green beans


From this:


To this:


Bell pepper (in the shadow of the zucchini plant) and jalapeno pepper (Not pictured: cayenne pepper)


From this:


To this:


Salad greens, including lettuce, arugula and spinach (after one cutting/harvest last Sunday that yielded enough greens for five salads)


And from this:


To this:


Cauliflower and broccoli


Pretty impressive, right? We have green thumbs!

We harvested a huge batch of salad greens last Sunday, after we got home from Milwaukee, and I ate a salad for lunch every day this past week. We another sizeable batch yesterday, and I plan to have another four or five salads for lunch this week. We also harvested a few herbs—chives and basil.

We should see zucchini soon (We have a baby one peeking out!), as well as green beans in the next few weeks.

Christopher and I also have been tackling, week by week, our dry, patchy lawn.

We have laid down seed three times and seen some grass grow from it, but we still have bare patches.


Dark green is original grass; light green is recently planted grass

We planted more seed—and laid it down heavily—this past weekend. We hope the bare spots disappear after this attempt.

It has continued to be pretty warm and dry here, so we’ve been watering the garden and lawn twice daily, as we remember. It’s supposed to be hot and dry this week, with little chance for rain, so we’ll be out there twice daily for sure.

Green thumbs for the win!


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