New kicks, new workout

12 Apr

We’ve got a big marathon-training milestone in store this weekend: a 20-miler, our longest of our 18-week training plan.

We’ve put on about 300 miles over the last 15 weeks, so we bought new shoes. They arrived Monday, and we’ll break them in with a short run tomorrow—not enough to wear them Sunday, but enough to wear them the following weekend, through the rest of training and for the marathon.

I wear the Saucony Ride 4s, per my fitting at the running store in Rockford. I planned to get another pair, but I didn’t want to spend more than $100 on shoes. I bought the Saucony Kinvara 2s instead, after reading several reviews online.

Ride 4s

The Ride 4s are an everyday neutral training shoe. They clock in at 9.7  ounces, have a 12 mm heel-to-toe drop (a great explanation of heel-toe offset and its purpose) and feature the cushy ProGrid heel.

I liked them for the pillowy cushion all the way from the heel to the toe. I tended to be a heel-striker, so I felt a softer, shock-absorbing heel might better accommodate my gait.

I’ve worn them for every run since the start of marathon training; I can’t feel any breakdown, but I can see some signs of wear and tear—little snags and holes in the exterior and sock liner.

Kinvara 2s

The Kinvara 2s are a much lighter, more minimalist-style shoe built for everyday training. They clock in at just 6.7 ounces (which feels like a huge difference from the Ride 4s), have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop and feature a lighter version of the ProGrid cushioning system.

I eyed them for the minimalist style and took a gamble because I have (I think!) improved my gait to be less of a heel-striker and more of a mid-foot striker.

I’ve worn them only a couple times—not yet on a run—but I immediately felt the weight difference and the closeness of my feet to the ground.

We’ve also been trying to focus on quality cross-training—Chris on biking and me on yoga and circuit training.

I planned to run the 0.8 miles to the gym, bike for 30 minutes and run the 0.8 miles home, but I remembered the Brewers were going for the sweep against the Cubs and the game was on TV. I scrapped my plans and threw together a quick Brewers/baseball-themed workout to do during the game.

Baseball workout

I got home during the bottom of the third inning, so I consulted Yahoo! Sports for the play-by-play to catch up during commercials and other down time. I picked up in real time by the top of the fifth inning.

Here’s how my workout shaped up:

  • 3 walks x 10 situps = 30 situps
  • 19 strikeouts x 10 pushups = 190 pushups (I varied between regular and modified.)
  • 16 hits x 10 squats = 160 squats
  • 0 home runs x 25 jumping jacks = 0 jumping jacks
  • 8 runs scored x 10 lunges = 80 lunges
  • 4 Ryan Braun plate appearances x 8 burpees = 32 burpees

Ooooooofff. I’m spent. I got my heart rate up (especially when I had to catch up with three innings’ worth of exercises) and challenged myself (pushups and burpees got harder and harder as they racked up).

Let me know if you try the workout, baseball fans!


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