27 Feb

I felt pretty darn good throughout our 13-mile run Sunday afternoon.

We were blessed with beautiful weather–sunny and in the mid-40s, albeit somewhat windy. We tried a new technique–staying out on the course for the whole of the run, rather than taking a break to come home, drop off the dog and refuel. And we found a nice route through downtown and along the river with only a few small hills.


I felt great through the first 4.5 miles; I had anticipated stopping every 3 miles for a walk break, but we hit 3, and I still felt good, so I pressed on. I think my first few miles were at 11 minutes per mile or less.

I felt sluggish as we hit 7 or 8 miles–my hips, thighs, calves and feet hurt–but I told myself we were more than halfway through the run and just needed to get to the end of the trail before we could coast downhill and arrive at our front door.

I let Christopher run up ahead of me a bit and took itty bitty walk breaks (no more than 20-30 seconds) as needed. I ran strong through the last mile.

We sometimes set goals before we head out for these runs. We sometimes forget. But I always figure if I can beat 12 minutes per mile, then I will be pleased. I did the math and calculated that 12 minutes per mile would have put us at 2:36. We beat that–and I crushed my half marathon time by 9 minutes!

I was sore all night, but I managed to run an errand (ice cream), make homemade chicken noodle soup and watch the (kind of boring) Oscars. I slept like a rock and feel pretty good today.

We step back next weekend–just 10 miles on the docket. I hate how manageable that sounds…


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