Boys of summer

14 Jul

Another summer evening, another fun-filled trip to the doggie beach…

Last night, Christopher and I and our friend, Sarah, took our dogs to Kruse Park, which has a section of Lake Michigan beach for dogs to run off leash and play in the sand and water.

We let the boys run freely in and out of the water, after the tennis ball and Frisbee and up and down the shoreline. We even let them play with other dogs.

Dexter and Ranger made fast friends with Bear, a black lab-shepherd mix, who was celebrating his 2nd birthday, and the three of them rough-housed for more than an hour and a half.

Bear, the biggest of the three dogs, dominated play. But Ranger and Dexter occasionally presented a challenge, especially if they tag-teamed him.

They stopped monkeying around only to check up on any visitors…and when we made them take a break.

Sarah, Christopher and I had such a fun night. We loved watching our boys play with each other and with other dogs—and behave so well!

We’ll probably have another beach date before the week is over…


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