Race recap: Irish Jig 5K

23 Mar

I’m feeling a little under the weather today. I’ve got a runny nose. I’ve got a headache. I’m achy all over. Ick.

I decided to stay home today to get some rest to cross some things off my to-do list:

  • Plan meals for the week
  • Pick up essential groceries
  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Make vegetable lo mein with crispy tofu for dinner
  • Blog about the Irish Jig 5K this past weekend

Note: I wrote this Tuesday. I am home again today, not because I feel crummy (even though I still feel that way), but because I am working from home because of the freezing rain we got overnight.

Christopher and I had a lot of company this weekend! The boys came to Muskegon for their fantasy baseball draft and a hockey game, and a couple of them brought their girls along.

Amy and her husband, Bradley, were the first to arrive. They came into town Friday night to make the most of the short trip. The three of us went to the Muskegon Lumberjacks game, then went out for dinner and drinks at the Muskegon Athletic Club (also known as the M.A.C. and known for its creative macaroni and cheese dishes).

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Grand Rapids to meet my racing buddies Andi and Mindy for the Spectrum Health Irish Jig 5K, a run that boasts almost 4,000 runner split into races, one for men and another for women, and loops through a moderately hilly residential neighborhood near East Grand Rapids High School.


We arrived about 8:45 a.m, jumped a curb to create a parking spot and headed to the high school to pick up our packets. We sent Brad off in just enough time for the start of the men’s race and then chatted, stretched and planned our post-race adventure.

We headed to the starting line, found a spot in the middle of the pack and took a couple pictures. (Note: I love running with other bloggers. Someone always has a camera!)

Michigan 022

We were greeted with rather chilly weather—temperatures in the upper 20s and a slight breeze. I felt at first that I was underdressed in running tights, a long-sleeve technical top and a green T-shirt, but we set off, and I warmed up after the first half-mile or so.

Michigan 023

Amy and I stuck together the whole race. I loved having a racing buddy!

The course wound through a nice neighborhood. It was mostly flat and only moderately hilly. Runners took up the entire width of the street, and we had to weave around and through groups of people who were moving slower than we were. Lots of spectators lined the route, especially between the 2-mile mark and the finish line.

I felt pretty good through the whole race, save for a side cramp that crept up after the first mile and worsened after the second. Amy and I took a short break after we passed the 2-mile mark and climbed a hill. We also filmed a couple short videos, which I hope to post soon.

Michigan 024

Michigan 027

We turned the corner and could see the finish, so we kicked it into high gear and crossed at around 34 minutes. I was pleased with how well we ran: We were pacing right around 11 minutes a mile for the majority of the race, but we revved it up to just under 9 minutes and 30 seconds a mile as we rounded the corner to the finish. Whew!

Amy and I met Brad at the finish, picked up free bottles of water and Gatorade and swag bags filled with snacks (that now occupy my desk drawer for “emergencies”). We headed inside, found Mindy (who broke 30 minutes!), caught up with Andi (who set a personal record!), stretched and headed to Wolfgang’s for breakfast.

All in all, I was so pleased with the race and was glad Amy and her hubby could join me and my friends for a really fun race. I had absolutely no complaints about the organization of the race, unlike the last couple races. The race website included a course map, and the route was well marked. The participants and spectators were enthusiastic, and the goodies at the end were among the best of all the races (10 and counting!) I’ve run.

And now, I give you the details:

Distance: 3.1 miles
Duration: 34:03 chip time (36:50 clock time, 34:08 Nike+ time)
Average pace: 11:15 per mile
Mile 1: 11:10
Mile 2: 11:29
Mile 3: 11:10 (Check out that negative split!)

Christopher and I had a fabulous weekend. We loved having our friends in town and were really sad to see them go Sunday evening.

I’m off to take care of the rest of that to-do list…

Note: I’ll add the video later, when I get it from Amy.


4 Responses to “Race recap: Irish Jig 5K”

  1. Amy March 23, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    Sorry you don’t have the pics yet!! I am waiting for Brad to email them to me…you will have them today I promise!!!

    • kaylabee18 April 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

      I wasn’t in a hurry, lady. It worked out perfectly.

  2. Dan March 23, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Whatever cold you have has made its way west over Lake Michigan to me. #sadface Hope you feel better!

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