Two with nature

28 Aug

Christopher and I decided today was a day for exploring the natural beauty of the area. We spent a wonderful, relaxing afternoon at Muskegon State Park. It cost us $8 for a state park day pass, and it was so worth it!

We went for a short hike on a trail that goes from Snug Harbor, a picnic area, boat launch and small inlet off Muskegon Lake, to Lost Lake, a little, shallow lake filled with lily pads and surrounded by tall grass and coniferous trees.





We drove south to the beach along Lake Michigan, laid out our towels and sunbathed for just a little while.

DSCN0383 (We’re squinting, and we know it. It was really sunny today.)

We ventured to the shore and into the water and swam for more than a half-hour. It was awesome! It was like swimming in the ocean (which I’ve done in Hawaii, California and Florida) but without the salt! It was just plain fun.


We headed toward home and stopped at The Station Grill to try their famous steak burgers. The joint is pretty cool; it’s modeled after a 1940s service station and has automobile-themed decor. The food was delicious, too. Christopher had a blackened burger with bleu cheese, and I had the “signature” burger with fried onions, bacon and soft bar cheese, which I determined is like the cold-packed cheese spread you find at every party in Wisconsin. Yum.

I also had this beauty:


The Ruby Red Cooler features “drunken raspberries,” which basically are just vodka-soaked berries and lots of them, and a candy fruit slice as a garnish. Cool idea, right? I’ve never seen that anywhere, and I’m convinced it’s the best way to serve up a tasty, girly cocktail like this.


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